Saturday, October 1, 2011

100th Post!

Wow, my 100th post. Not something I was striving for, but just noticed when i went to post that it was the 100th one, so I thought to myself ... "hmmm...that is a milemarker" So celebrating my 100th Post!!!!

Looking for BSBP piece? click here  I am still hopping! If  I haven't made it to your piece yet, I will! Please be patient. It will take me a while, but I promise I will get there. 

So I have been busy trying to tie up lose ends. I have mentioned before that I am one of those persons who gets really bored really easily with projects, so that means I tend to have at least 10 of them going at once. So I have been working on trying to finish up some of those before I jump into new ones.

This is one of them that I started a year ago. I really wasn't sure what it was going to become when I started. I just liked the weaving so I kept going with it. I was thinking of just making a bracelet and calling it good, but I decided to not be lazy and to make it into a choker :) I struggled with the clasp for a while. I looked at what everyone else did, flipped through my magazines, and books. In the end though, I decided to go with my own design, and just do a simple peyote stitch around the magnets. I really love how it turned out.  So here is my very first bead weaved choker, and my very first use of a magnetic closure :)

I've also been busy on Etsy trying to get my shop to work better for me. I've joined a few newbie to etsy teams, and am finding that helpful.

I have also been playing with treasuries and having some fun making them.

Here are a few sample photo's and links to the treasuries that I have been making this week. For anyone who doesn't sell on etsy. A treasury is basically a page you set up with 16 different artists/products that you like, and that all share a common theme. They are fun!


I have also been super busy listing product on Ebay.  Mostly a lot of scrapbooking, cardmaking, papercrafting items, and some cross stitching kits and such. Right now I'm listing a lot of holiday theme product, and some kits that I thought would make nice gifts. If you like ebay you can find me here.

Okay I have to finish up some work because I am have to take my computer into geek squad,because, for the 2nd time this summer I have had my banking account stolen. GRRRR! First time they didn't get anything, this time they cleaned me out. Jerks! So I have no idea how it's happening, and I don't think it is through my computer, but just to be safe I am bringing my computer in for a cleaning out so I will be without it for a few days. A few days without a computer? Not sure how to survive that one!

So have a wonderful weekend, and I will catch up with everyone when I get my computer back!!


Kreativkrapylet said...

wow! That's just sooo much work with all the tiny, little beads.
I'm really impressed! I don't know how you manage to put all those little beads into something so beautiful. :)

oooLiekeooo said...

nice pieces!!