Sunday, October 17, 2010

Anyone have an umbrella?

Who ever said when it rains it pours wasn't kidding. If all the cancer screening, and gullbladder testing wasn't enough to deal with right now...I rolled my ankle and now have a torn ligament too. Ready for the monsoon season to end!

On a brighter note. The two day yard sale went great! Made enough to make a dent in my cats vet bill, and my aunt and I went out for a fun night of bingo at the casino. Okay, so I get bingo might not sound like a fun time to a lot of people, but we have fun :) Get to hang out, girl talk, and try to win some money while doing it :) (No..didn't win any..maybe next time).

So after working the yard sale for two days my mom and aunt said want to go big lots? I said sure, because they were supposed to have some beads on sale, but they played  fast one and took me to urgent care.  So now I have lots and lots of time to bead while I lay in bed and heal :) If I can keep awake I might even get to catch up on all the blogs :) Yea!

I also have an order for a bracelet that I need to complete, and have also been wanting to try doing a "zentangle" so lots and lots to do :)

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!



Tuesday, October 12, 2010


So far so good.  Doctors are confident there is no cancer, but I still have to go through a zillion tests, and continue to "watch" it. Also they found a large gull stone, so might have to do a little outpatient surgery to deal with that. Might have to...with everything else going on I'm leaning toward just "watching" that also.

Well the one positive thing on the big cancer scare is that you do a lot of reflection. And in doing so I've realized that I hold on to way to much junk!!! So I've spent a week cleaning out the house and am preparing for a HUGE garage sale this weekend. It is crazy the amount of junk I've held on to over the years. I have reached the point of my possessions owning me, versus the other way around so all must go!

I haven't beaded in two weeks so I am having major creativity withdrawal. I can't wait to get through this garage sale, and get back to what I beading.

On a more fun note! I found some fantastic furniture for my studio at a used furniture store. That has created another major mess moving out the old, and bringing in the new (well new to me) pieces. So everything in my studio is a complete distaster, adding to the inability to get in there and work. I am very very excited about the new pieces though, and looking forward to getting everything put in it's place.

I hope everyone is well!

Have a beautiful week!