Saturday, April 7, 2012

New Beading Loom - looks very cool

hi everyone. I just wanted to share an item that I was made aware of on LinkedIn. There is a site (that I just learned about) called Kickstarter.

Basically it helps people who are trying to get a product up and running to raise money for the manufacturing of their item.

So this woman on LinkedIn (i dont know her, she is just a member of some of the same professional groups i have joined on linkedin) has made what she is calling a bead loom, but it's not a loom like we think. You don't do bead weaving on it. You do single or multistrand stringing on it for earrings, bracelets, or necklaces. It is not for bead embroidery, but I thought it would be a great tool for those times we do just want to kick out a quick necklace and not a bead embroidered piece.

I pledged $25.00 today, which means when and if it gets all its funding for it to be manufactured I have promised to pay $25.00 toward manufacturing in exchange for a loom once they are produced, which is less then the retail price at the store. the pledge process was super simple. I did it through amazon (which I love for all my book buying), and they don't actually charge you unless the item is going to get all the funding for sure.

Again, I am only sharing this because I think its a cool item. I don't know the woman, but she does share detailed info on herself, and the product. And I also think it is cool to support other artists, and jewelry makers out there, and also fun to get a product before it hits the stores. Fun fun!

Here is the link if you want to check it out.

- LissC