Saturday, October 29, 2011

Wow. I can't believe how fast this month went by!  Halloween is only a few days away, and it feels like we just got out our Halloween decorations! Before we know it it will be time to decorate the Christmas trees. I just wanted to drop a quick note to say hi, and to give a heads up on some plans I have for my blog.

As some of you who I am closest to may know I have been unable to work full time for the past 5 years. And in that time I have gained a ton of debt, primarily in medical bills. To try and gain control of some of these bills I have been selling on ebay, primarily scrapbooking supplies. My family has also donated a lot of supplies for me to sell. I still do enjoy scrapbooking; however with limited energy I prefer to focus on my beading when I am able to create.

My intentions on selling my items on ebay were two fold. One, to be able to earn some money to get my debt down. Two, I believe art heals, and these craft supplies are just begging to be enjoyed by someone. . I know for myself that when I am not able to create, I feel worse. And it is discouraging to see these art supplies that I had spent good money on sitting there going to waste because I'm not able to use them. So I was also hoping that in taking advantage of all ebay listing sales, and doing my best to keep cost down on my end I would be able to list low enough that I could still earn a little, but also still provide others that may not have a lot of extra cash (which is like 99% of us today, right?) an opportunity to purchase the items they need for their own hobby

So far the feedback i've received from those who have won the auctions has been amazing. I have a few repeat customers that are in very similar situations to mine. I have one woman who purchases the items and then creates cards that she donates to those in need, such as shutins, and shelters. And many who have won who are just like most people these days, and struggling. So, all in all, it has been incredible successful for me!

SO what that all leads to is....I am planning some giveaways on my blog starting in November. For one, i love a giveaway! And two, what a great way to thank all of my loyal customers on ebay. And third (but most importantly) just a little extra love for all my blogger friends. I realize that most of my blogger friends are beaders, so I will try and mix it up and give something different away each month, sometimes for the papercrafter sometimes for the beader. Just be sure to check back on November 1st (maybe before if I just can't wait) for the 1st monthly giveaway/drawing/freebie!

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