Friday, May 28, 2010

Free Form Beading

This is my first try at free form bead weaving and I just absolutely loved it! It was so much fun to do I started another piece right away! Fun Fun Fun! I just love bright colors so it was a lot of fun to work with them.  I noticed that all of my pieces were blue, and if you asked me what my fav color was I would have said pink or maybe green, yet all my pieces were blue? The fact that every piece was blue, I'm sure there is a hidden psychological message in there some place. LOL Anyways. Just loved it. Really inspired by the bright colors in the book Seed Bead Fusion. It really moved me to be okay with using the colors I love and letting my inner child out with her box of super bright crayons. 

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Colors That Inspire Me

Photo's & Colors that Inspire me.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Pet Friendly

Meet Marlie.

Marlie is my pet rat. Yes I said Pet Rat. About 2 years ago I was in my back yard and she ran up my leg. I screamed of course never having seen a rat in real life. After a moment I realized she was a "Friendly" rat. So, after some research we found an agency called "rat rescue" who provided us a cage, and medical attention for her. At first we thought she was a boy, because well, we weren't educated in the sexual organs of rats.  Well after a week or so I noticed a belly and other signs of pregnancy so did some research online. I read that rats are known to have around 20 babies!! 20 BABIES!! Well because we didn't know what kinda girl Marlie had been or who she had been with we decided it would be best for her if we gave her a little rattie abortion. Of course, I cried. Because certainly I couldn't ask her permision or what she would want, and I felt horrible doing that to her. But everyone concerned assured me it would be the best for her. Come to find out, it was. She was pregnant with only 1 baby, which indicated a problem.

Once Marlie was healed we decided she needed a friend so we adopted a boy for her to play with. Well, it became clear to me then that there is really no guessing when it comes to telling the difference between a male and female rat. Once you see what the male rat is packing, you understand where the 20 babies come from.  Anyways. The little guy came from an abused home (I will never understand people), and it took some time, but eventually he came around and found some happiness. Unfortunatly he did take sick, and passed away a few months after we had him.

I never imagined a rat could or would make a good pet. However I have to say Marlie has just burrowed her way right into my heart. She is incredible affectionate, social, and so very smart. She has really changed my opinion of rats. My entire life I have never went and got an animal. They have always just found a way into my home. And I would have never ever thought to get a rat. She, like all the dogs, and cats, just found her way into my home, via the back yard, and up my leg. I'm so very glad she did.

Two months ago we brought her to the vet for an ear infection. At that time we found a small BB size bump. Since then it has grown to about 2 inches. She doesn't have much longer now. Maybe a few days. Maybe a week. One thing I have never been good at is deciding when the time is right to end the life of a suffering pet.  Jenna (From rat rescue) stopped by this week to check on her and has been so supportive. My heart just suffers each time I have to make this decision. The timing is never right. It always seems it's done to early, or that I've waited to long. You don't want to prematurely end there life just because you have the power to do so, and you don't want to keep them holding on longer then they should for your sake. it's such a fine line between doing what is right and good for them, and doing what is good for you.

Two months ago I had to put to sleep my lab (Bodee) who had congestive heart failure. He was 13 years old. Everyone said it was time but I still feel it was too early.  About 2 years ago our Cat (Misty) passed of old age. She went on her own, in a wonderful peaceful way that we would all hope to go. My dog (Trouble) a chocolate lab is growing more confussed each day. She has dementia, and we just take each day one at a time. Tyler, Bodee's litter mate, is still in good heath, and I have hopes that he stays with me for a few years yet. I have two cats still around 6 years, Jasmine, and Juliet. And yes, all these animals just found there way to my home. I've asked god to give me a break for a bit. I know he has given me this task in life. To take in stranded, abandon, and unwanted animals. But my heart has been heavy lately with all the loss and I need a bit of a break. Just some time to love and take care of the ones I have left and morn the ones that have passed before he sends more into my life.  Although it has been my experience in life that he never seems to wait to long. Misty passed on a Friday, and Marlie showed that Sunday two years ago.

Have a fantastic day everyone. Thanks for listing/reading, and for those animal people who can relate, thank you for your understanding.