Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Decorations

With all our little ones in the family back in Michigan now we didn't go all out like we normally do; however, we did put up a few decorations for Halloween this year. Here are some pics.

I just think this is cute!

Our $1.00 tombstone...gotta love the dollar stores.

These scary looking witches, that kinda freak me out.

Wreath I made a few years ago.

Lightbulb witches, and music box that we created a few years ago - original design by my cousin Julie.

Some of my favorites - my calico kitty halloween collection.

Have to have a cool looking center piece for Halloween.

Super fun ghosts and witch decorating the front of the house.

My Neighbors ghosts - i just think these are so fun!



And welcome to my very first blog giveaway!

My purpose for doing the giveaway is:
Extra love for my blogging friends. 
Special thanks for all those who have been so supportive on ebay.
I just love giveaways!

So, let me show you what you can win this month, and following the pictures I will give all the details on how to win. This month is for all the paper crafter, journalers, cardmakers, scrapbookers out there. (I will be doing different items each month, so there will be some giveaways for all my beading friends too!) For my beading friends, if you don't paper craft, maybe you have a friend or relative that you could give this months package to if you win it???

I started with this fabulous papers from DaisyD (18 papers all together, 2 of each shown)

Then I added this wonderful matching cardstock stickers, tags, and alphabets. 
Added 25 yards of hand picked fibers & ribbons.
Added some ki bubble alphabets and stickers, and this wonderful fabric shirt labels by Karen Foster.
And of course - it couldn't be complete without a little hardware. (sorry for the glare on photo)
So here is the final package!

Now, how to win this festive fall package! are the rules...

I've added links/tabs to the top of my blog. There is one for my giveaways so you can easily find it each month :)

SO there are lots of ways to be enter to win so let me get to listing them!

  • Leave a comment below for a chance to win! (1 entry per month)

Want to get more entries? Get 1 extra entry for each of the following:

  • Twitter about this giveaway
  • Twitter about any item in my Etsy store or Ebay (1 entry per twitter)
  • "Like" me on Facebook (tab on top of blog)
  • "Favorite" my store on Etsy (tab on top of blog)
  •  Mention my giveaway on your blog. 
Want to get even more entries?  Get 5 extra entries for the following:

  • Place a bid on any item I have listed on ebay during the current giveaway. (5 enteries per bid)
So those are all the ways I could think of to be entered. If anyone else has other ideas in which to be entered, please share them and I may add them to the list.

So, again the simplest way to get entered is to just leave a comment below. Please be sure to come back and leave a comment for all the other entries you have earned. You can leave one comment for all the entries you gain, or one for each. Which ever way you want to do it.

Please be sure to come back next month and check to see if you won, and also to see the next giveaway! If I can not get a hold of you within 1 month (or the time of the next drawing), I will draw again for a 2nd chance winner.

Okay. I think I covered everything! For all of you who have done giveaways on your blog, if you think i'm missing something please do let me know!

Oh, yes... the winner will be announced at the time of the next giveaway. Which should be the first of every month. So, next drawing and winner announced: December 1, 2011

p.s. Within US only. Sorry I can't afford the shipping out of the country.

SHERRY YOU HAVE WON... please email me with your contact info as soon as possible so I can get your package out in the mail!



Saturday, October 29, 2011

Wow. I can't believe how fast this month went by!  Halloween is only a few days away, and it feels like we just got out our Halloween decorations! Before we know it it will be time to decorate the Christmas trees. I just wanted to drop a quick note to say hi, and to give a heads up on some plans I have for my blog.

As some of you who I am closest to may know I have been unable to work full time for the past 5 years. And in that time I have gained a ton of debt, primarily in medical bills. To try and gain control of some of these bills I have been selling on ebay, primarily scrapbooking supplies. My family has also donated a lot of supplies for me to sell. I still do enjoy scrapbooking; however with limited energy I prefer to focus on my beading when I am able to create.

My intentions on selling my items on ebay were two fold. One, to be able to earn some money to get my debt down. Two, I believe art heals, and these craft supplies are just begging to be enjoyed by someone. . I know for myself that when I am not able to create, I feel worse. And it is discouraging to see these art supplies that I had spent good money on sitting there going to waste because I'm not able to use them. So I was also hoping that in taking advantage of all ebay listing sales, and doing my best to keep cost down on my end I would be able to list low enough that I could still earn a little, but also still provide others that may not have a lot of extra cash (which is like 99% of us today, right?) an opportunity to purchase the items they need for their own hobby

So far the feedback i've received from those who have won the auctions has been amazing. I have a few repeat customers that are in very similar situations to mine. I have one woman who purchases the items and then creates cards that she donates to those in need, such as shutins, and shelters. And many who have won who are just like most people these days, and struggling. So, all in all, it has been incredible successful for me!

SO what that all leads to is....I am planning some giveaways on my blog starting in November. For one, i love a giveaway! And two, what a great way to thank all of my loyal customers on ebay. And third (but most importantly) just a little extra love for all my blogger friends. I realize that most of my blogger friends are beaders, so I will try and mix it up and give something different away each month, sometimes for the papercrafter sometimes for the beader. Just be sure to check back on November 1st (maybe before if I just can't wait) for the 1st monthly giveaway/drawing/freebie!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

100th Post!

Wow, my 100th post. Not something I was striving for, but just noticed when i went to post that it was the 100th one, so I thought to myself ... "hmmm...that is a milemarker" So celebrating my 100th Post!!!!

Looking for BSBP piece? click here  I am still hopping! If  I haven't made it to your piece yet, I will! Please be patient. It will take me a while, but I promise I will get there. 

So I have been busy trying to tie up lose ends. I have mentioned before that I am one of those persons who gets really bored really easily with projects, so that means I tend to have at least 10 of them going at once. So I have been working on trying to finish up some of those before I jump into new ones.

This is one of them that I started a year ago. I really wasn't sure what it was going to become when I started. I just liked the weaving so I kept going with it. I was thinking of just making a bracelet and calling it good, but I decided to not be lazy and to make it into a choker :) I struggled with the clasp for a while. I looked at what everyone else did, flipped through my magazines, and books. In the end though, I decided to go with my own design, and just do a simple peyote stitch around the magnets. I really love how it turned out.  So here is my very first bead weaved choker, and my very first use of a magnetic closure :)

I've also been busy on Etsy trying to get my shop to work better for me. I've joined a few newbie to etsy teams, and am finding that helpful.

I have also been playing with treasuries and having some fun making them.

Here are a few sample photo's and links to the treasuries that I have been making this week. For anyone who doesn't sell on etsy. A treasury is basically a page you set up with 16 different artists/products that you like, and that all share a common theme. They are fun!


I have also been super busy listing product on Ebay.  Mostly a lot of scrapbooking, cardmaking, papercrafting items, and some cross stitching kits and such. Right now I'm listing a lot of holiday theme product, and some kits that I thought would make nice gifts. If you like ebay you can find me here.

Okay I have to finish up some work because I am have to take my computer into geek squad,because, for the 2nd time this summer I have had my banking account stolen. GRRRR! First time they didn't get anything, this time they cleaned me out. Jerks! So I have no idea how it's happening, and I don't think it is through my computer, but just to be safe I am bringing my computer in for a cleaning out so I will be without it for a few days. A few days without a computer? Not sure how to survive that one!

So have a wonderful weekend, and I will catch up with everyone when I get my computer back!!