Wednesday, June 30, 2010


If you like to be considered for free beads then check out the ARt Bead Scene blog. Each week they ask a question. You just have to give an answer to the question to be placed in the weekly drawing for something fun, like a set of beads.

This weeks drawing is for a beautiful set of birch wood inspired beads. Check the out at the link below :
Art Bead Scene Blog: Studio Saturday with Humblebeads

Monday, June 28, 2010

I am LOVING all these fun give aways! Check out this one....

Lori is giving away a beautiful focal piece for FREE. It's valued at$65.00. WOW!!

A handmade lampwork glass bead with Swarovski crystals and a sterling silver bail.

FUN FUN FUN. I am just loving all these fun giveaways!

LINK:   Pretty Things: Jewelry giveaway -- you know you want this!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Who needs sleep?

Anyone else out there a total insomniac? I love the song Who Needs Sleep by barenaked ladies because I am a total insomniac so I can really turn up the song, and rock out to it at 3 a.m. 

I have been running on about ..maybe 12 hours of sleep for the entire week. Lets just say I was dreaming while awake. And finally I just had 5 wonderful hours of uninterrupted sleep followed by a day of napping, 1 hour after another. Yes. Napping all day long. 1 hour at a time. Okay. If your an insomniac you totally get how wonderful that can be.  Well, an afternoon of napping, actually anyone can appreciate that lol. Obviously everyone has been sleep deprived at some point so all can relate. However I just feel the need to vent, to share, to blog i suppose. 

So here is the thing with me and sleep. There has never been a happy medium for me. It has always been one extreme or the other. Either I do nothing but sleep, or I don't sleep at all. And when I say I don't sleep at all. I mean I average 1-2 hours a sleep a day. Or I'm on the flip side of that, and I can't keep my eyes open. During those times My forehead would already have hit the keys while typing this blog. LOL.  Have you ever shopped online in your sleep? LOL. oh yes I have. That's always a shocker especially when your on a tight budget. Sent a giberish email? god bless my close friends and family. They know me enough to know by now when the email they are reading goes from making sense to sudden gibberish that is the point when I fell asleep. 

As if the sleep issue isn't a bowl full of fun on it's own I also walk and talk in my sleep. I'm a great secret keeper, unless you catch me sleeping, then I can't be held accountable for what I might say.

I have been accused of from time to time making messes in the kitchen in the middle of the night. Someone might wake up and find containers of random food poured onto the counter and mixed together. For morning there was a container of breadcrumbs poured into a pile with a spoon in the center of them, and I have a vague memory of a dream about standing in the kitchen eating cheerios. That sorta thing happens from time to time.

Okay, so here is a laugh at myself story. So, it's easter. My mom is doing the fun spring decorating, making the house look all pretty, and she is also boiling eggs and decorating them. I'm not a huge fan of boiled eggs. . So. :: shakes head just thinking of it:: I'm standing in the kitchen talking to my mom, and I say to her. I had a dream last night that I was eating your hard boiled eggs, and that they were really dry.  So, she checks. All of her eggs are intact, none gone. It was only a dream!  .... a few days go by. And I go to take the trash in my bedroom out...when ..wait..what is that in my trash......a Styrofoam glitter and sequin and lace covered egg that my mom had been decorating the house with..and yes my blogger has a bite out of it.

I must go create!

So excited to see 22 followers! Almost half way to the giveaway! Already thinking about the next giveaway.

 Have a fantastic day! SWEET DREAMS!

Thursday, June 24, 2010


If you haven't already don't forget to head over to Denise's blog and sign up for her HUGE bead give away!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Magic Number is 55

Today I have 13 followers on my blog. i got excited when I got my very first follower (shout out to Kristin - Thanks for being my first :) and I get excited every time I sign on and see that number has increased. It's funny how we feed on that validation. "they do love me they do!!!" LOL. It is exciting though to make a new friend. So I was trying to figure out a number. At first I thought. 20, then thought no that was too low. Then thought double it. Well 26 is an odd number.. So then I get a little zealous and the song I can't drive 55 goes through my head, perfect a song worm working it's way into my head. That will be in there all day.  So 55, well that may be pushing a little high, but okay shoot for the stars right. 

Once I get to 55 followers I will do a drawing and give away to one of my 55 friends this cute lil peyote stitched bracelet.  It's one of the first I made and I love wearing it with jeans and a t-shirt, and I am going to share it with one random winner.

So perfect! Once I have my followers I will make a posting of those who want to participate int he drawing for the bracelet. I'm hoping for the end of July. Do you think that is pushing it??? We will see. Shoot for the stars right. Build it and they will come and all that jazz.

Okay..I have already added two more since I typed this up this morning. So I'm already up to 15! YEAH!

Just wanted to give a heads up - Running a Pre 4th of July Sale on my Etsy - up to 25 off

Monday, June 21, 2010

Trash 2 Treasure Cont...

The chair that my neighbor put out in the alley to be collected as trash, my mom and I decided just had to much character  and that it would make a perfect treasure for my studio. Yes, it's true, I can hardly believe it myself. I dragged someones trash from the alley into my back yard. And there it stayed for the longest time. My neighbor is probably thinking at this time "oh great...i'm living next to the trash collecting girl" LOL.
I have to admit after 4 months I began to doubt it would ever get done..I almost took it back to the alley, but last week it finally got completed!

I'm really excited with how it turned out. So THANKS! to my Mom, because I am clueless when it comes to recovering a chair, and thanks to my Aunt Deb who also came over to help out with the project. No one is a professoinal here, but over all it turned out super sweet and fits in perfect for my studio! (Which I hope to also be photographing in the near future and blogging). And it is surprisingly comfortable so if anyone wants to come work in my studio for an afternoon I now have a chair for them to sit in!

HUGE $350.00 Bead Giveaway - HURRY June 26th Drawing

Denise is giving away a HUGE stash of beads. Absolutely beautiful arrangement of beads from her own stash that she will be giving away to either 1 or 6 person. It hasn't been decided. You can give her your opinion. I voted for 6 because there were so many beautiful beads to go around. Go check it out and put your name in for the drawing.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A Work In Progress

just a few pics of a project i'm working on, and an idea of my work space.  I always have several projects going on at any any given time, plus my journals full of projects I want to do, but this is the one that is getting most of my attention.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Something to Bark About

While reading Julie's blog (julie haymaker thompson) I see that she was asked to create a piece of artwork for A Place To Bark. (A Place to Bark ... and Meow) Congrats Julie!! I'm always excited about anything that helps out our furry lil friends.

Everything is just Ducky!

 Lots on my mind today, just can't seem to get any of it down on a blog. So I thought I would share a simple photo of this cute duck kept chasing me in the park and just staring up into my camera. I felt bad I didn't have any bird seed for him. He was funny and cute.  He made me laugh. I love anything that makes me laugh :)

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Beads Galore!

I went shopping today at Beads Galore for their 40% sale. For anyone not local that isn't familiar you can find them at There is a picture of their store on their home page.  The place is insanely huge. So much so that I have to mentally prepare myself before I go in. Make a mental list, and stick to it. The first time I went I wasn't prepared and came out with a huge bill and a lot of stuff I hadn't intended on buying. As fun as it is to buy and have beads, none of us can afford to do that. So if you do go to the store, and I recommend you do, go with a list in mind. I went with my color palette and seed beads in mind, and for the most part I got just that. I only got two or three things that weren't on my  list, and well, they were little bird beads which I don't believe any beader could resist :)

So here are all my fun super colorful beads I found. I am so excited to start using them I can't hardly stand it. I always feel like such a kid in a candy store when I go to a bead store. And of course all afternoon and evening I can't help but to keep going back to the basket that is temporarily holding my loot, and going through all the beads again. Individually picking up each bag time and time again. Okay, I confess. I'm a bead addict.