Monday, April 5, 2010

my spring resolution

(Photo of the grapefruit blossoms this spring)

It has been a while since I have posted. Life just moves so quickly some times that we forget to stop and appreciate the small natural wonders around us. A week or so ago I was heading out for my daily walk and I noticed the strong aroma of spring. I kept my eyes open for what blooming tree was giving off such intoxicating aroma as I continued on my walk. I was very surprised when I got back home and finally noticed it was the tree in my own back yard. I had been so occupied with everything that I hadn't noticed the pretty little blossoms that had seemingly sprung over night on our grapefruit and orange trees. It's interesting how things can be happening right around us and we don't notice them. I think that is true about the people we surround ourselves with also. Sometimes we get so busy doing what ever it is we do,  that we may sometimes neglect to notice the changes in the ones we love for better or for worse. So much like new years, my spring resolution is, well, to stop and smell the roses.  To enjoy the moment I am in, and really take notice of what is happening around me.