Friday, July 30, 2010

Ignorance and Arrogance...

IGNORANCE goes hand and hand with ARROGANCE. Okay, this happened a while ago, but I need to vent about SPRINT. I get my bill and there is a charge for one call for $40.00. Turns out it is to Canada. It never occurred to me that I couldn't call Canada as my calls are supposed to be unlimited. So I call, and I explain to the girl that I didn't know Canada wasn't included. This girl basically infers that I am ignorant, as she tells me that is is "Common sense" that  you can't call Canada.  Common sense she tells me. Now, I'm not sure if any of you have seen the sprint commercial where the man is bragging about how wonderful Sprint is and that you can call anywhere in AMERICA.

Ummmm...common sense right? So did Canada move to Europe? OR maybe Africa?  Hmmm..well as far as I know. Canada is still part of America, along with many other countries. It's funny how people forget that America is a continent and not a country. And sprint even chooses to advertise their ignorance and arrogance!


Carol said...

Ha, you were probably talking to someone in India that doesn't realize that we are neighbors to Canada and it would never occur to call it an international call!!

So, let me tell you, I have verizon. Their support has always been super friendly, considerate and helpful. Just yesterday a CSR helped remove $40 in charges because my grandson didn't know that when you are on the computer, fill out a quiz and have the results sent to your cell phone you are actually signing up for their service to the tune of $10 PER MONTH. Well, she removed the charges and gave me helpful info on discontinuing that service and also put a block on the phones for future charges and apps. Super help for a techno unintellectual!!

Robbie said...

Sounds like you're getting some of our bad luck! A hoot about the phone call to Canada..sorry I can laugh because it's not my $40! SO sorry about your kitty!!! Having to deal with our dog's leg surgery just makes you feel so bad for them! They are our 'kids' and have to be taken care of. Good luck!