Thursday, August 5, 2010

busy busy busy

Hi everyone. Sorry I haven't been posting lately. I've been working on a beading project, which I have torn apart 4 times now. I am determined to make it work though, so it is has been consuming all of my attention. I am eager to see how it will turn out; however the perfectionist in me keeps willing me to tear it apart and start over, so I'm not sure when or if there will ever be an end to it. I keep reminding myself if I can just get through it, that I can always call it a prototype, and start fresh with a new and improved one once I get to the end of this one. I'm sure you've all been there :)

Anyways. I am hoping to catch up on everyone's blog and see what everyone has been up to this weekend. I am sorta penciling in Sunday for a day of blogging :) I also have several pictures of my studio that I took a few weeks ago, and am eager to share.

Okay. I gotta get back to the beading. Just wanted to drop a quick note to show I'm alive and say hi to everyone.

I know my contest/giveaway list is also behind. I will be updating that on Sunday also. So if anyone has any fun contest or giveaways please let me know. Would love to add them to the list.

Have a fantastic rest of your week, and a fun filled weekend :)


Bella said...

Looking forward to seeing what you've been up to!

Kristen said...

Something must be in the air because I have started and re started a project 4 times too! I may have nailed it know so I hope you can too!