Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Me? Really?

So i was updating my list of contest and giveaways. When I do this I click on each one and  read a bit to make sure it is still going on. So imagine my complete shock when I clicked on Art Bead Scene and saw my name listed as last weeks winner! It's true! I won I won I won. I am so very excited. I know everyone says "I never win anything" but it's soo very true. I don't ever win!

So you know what that means. If I can win, so can you! So I encourage you to jump on over to Art Bead Scene and post your comments. Each week it is a different artist, and you can win something from that artist.

So what did I win? I won a pair of these fabulous disks from Lynn Davis ! THANKS LYNN!



Kristen said...

It is sooooo cooool to win something isn't it! I can't wait til you get them! I had a blast (well you already know that ;) ) with mine!

Congrats you deserve it!

lilylovekin said...

Congratulations, it is always fun to win something, and Lynn Davis work is great!

Pretty Things said...

Yay for you!