Friday, April 22, 2011

Thank you all

Just wanted to thank everyone for their support. We asked my brother if he needed anything, he said the only thing we could do was say a prayer that they find their wedding rings. In all the loss, they are just happy to all be safe, but they are sad about losing their wedding rings.

Thanks again everyone for all of your kindness. I haven't slept in two days just being worried about my family. I feel so far away and helpless.



Mandy said...

Wow, what a terrible thing to lose. I'll keep them in my prayers, and you too. Get some sleep!

Cathy W said...

Oh my! Thankfully your brother's family is safe and sound, though thoroughly shaken to their core. Sending hugs and many, many prayers their way!

Robbie said...

Love the little nest in your piece!! How cool! Prayers with your family.