Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Breaking news: Fire leaves family of 5 out in the rain

So, it's midnight...i am working on a graduation gift for my neice Kayla, searching frantically through all my bead drawers because I know I have the bead I need, and can't find them, totally involved with my own plight of the missing beads, when my phone rings. It is my brother, who never calls this late, but I don't think much of it as I'm a night owl, and I hear a lot of noise in the back ground so I assume he is at an airport as he travels a lot for work...he asks what I am doing up so late, and then he says...well me and my whole family are awake because our house just blew up. I can't help but thinking this puts things into perspective...the whole time was upset about beads, his family was standing out in the cold rain watching their house burn down.

His family moved from AZ to Michigan last summer.  He has worked hard at his career and has 3 children from age 3 to 8 with the eldest taking her first communion in two weeks. He was so excited as he bought his dream home. A pond that all the kids skate on. A office that allows him more time at . home. They have been in this new home for probably about 6 months.

Lightening struck the house, and caught the gas lines on fire. After some time, as it wasn't evident the house was on fire, the alarm finally goes out and they get hte kids out. They are outside in the rain when they see the neighbors running toward their house with there kids. The neighbor is crying we need to get into your house, we smell gas in our house, which my brother responds, ours is filling with smoke.

The fire department comes. They are on all three floors. For a few minutes, they still can't find a fire.Then the second floor calls out they found the fire, so come help. The team on the basement floor responds floor responds we have the fire down here. The first calls and says the floor is turning to mush, and to get out. So they leave, the top blows up, the roof calapses onto each floor. Everything is ash. Nothing is salvagable. No wedding rings, no photos, no cloths.

My nephew is crying for his blanket, the eldest niece crying she doesn't want her house to burn down and she hates Michigan, the middle child...sound asleep. LOL. Just like her. She is so tough.

I can't even think about how close this was to a devastation.
Well I will write more tomorrow. i took s a sleeping aid so I keep falling asleep. Again, everyone is safe, but distraught. Talk to you all tomorrow, please send your prayers, love, and healing energy.

Thanks everyone!Will send update tomorrow.


Amy said...

oh my goodness. This is a horrible story. What a blessing they all got out of the house, but it is an incredibly tragic situation to have to deal with. Sending my prayers.

Anonymous said...

Oh how awful for them, thank goodness everyone is safe. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to help. Take care Liss.

Kristen said...

Oh my I am so glad everyone is safe! I feel for your family as I am sure there will be sadness in the coming days. Having everyone safe is the best but I also know that sometimes some of the "stuff" is painful to lose. Sending Hugs

Carol said...

You must be devastated that you are so far away and can't comfort them in person.

There have been a few natural gas explosions recently in the South Bend area causing just this kind of damage.

I used to swear by gas, but we have been systematically replacing our gas appliances with electric because of this kind of danger.

I'm glad all are safe.

Abracadebra Designs said...

My heart goes out to you and your brother and his family. Thank God everyone is safe.

Lynn said...

Oh Liss! I'm speechless. Please know I am keeping everyone in my prayers. this is just awful awful awful. Let us know what we can do to help.

Big Calming Hug to you my friend.