Wednesday, April 20, 2011

More on fire...

Thank you everyone for your sweet support. I'm getting a care package out for the kids, stuff they like, and my neice Amanda is  gathering clothing. Just enough stuff to get them through until the insurance gets around to helping. financially they will be fine.'s never easy. I can't imagine how it feels to stand and watch your dream house disintegrate before your eyes, and lose everything you own.

I've been through the aftermath of a few fires, my childhood house burned half way down on christmas eve about 20 years ago, and a couple years after that an apartment I was in my neighbor fell asleep with a cigarette and our apartment building went on fire. The emotional aftermath is tough.

Last night my mom said to me...oh the smell. Strange thing is after the shock wore off that was one of my first thoughts also. The smell . There is nothing like it. It is an awful smell. Anyone who has been through a fire, knows what I mean. For those who haven't. The smell is indescribable. It isn't like the smell of burning wood. it's an awful smell, and it sticks to you.

My brother sent a few pics. I will share them. It's interesting. I was just reading an article on blogging that talked about getting real. Not just sharing the happy stuff, and pics of your work. But letting people in, even on the stuff that isn't glorious. Well, can't get anymore real then this, right? LOL.

Again, thanks everyone for your love and support. I know some have asked what they can do to help. they will be fine financially. They can absolutely use your prayers, and your good healing energy to help them get through the emotional. So, guess I'm saying.. if you feel moved to do so, sending your prayers, and love would be wonderful.

Thanks again. (HUGS). I am so fortunate to have wonderful supportive people in my blog world.


Anonymous said...

Wow, that is really scary. Sending love and healing energy their way!

Carol said...

Hi Liss
After I read the post, I thought about your family for a moment and what they are going through.

Then I thought about your comment about reading a suggestion that when you blog you should include the not so happy events too. That is very true. It made me think about the blogs that I visit, have become interested in reading the events of the poster, and with some, become blog friends. They are the bloggers that give a little of themselves to their readers. Tell a little about what goes on in their lives and reveal what makes them tick, so to speak. I guess it all depends on what you want from your blog and its readers, doesn't it.
xx, Carol

lilylovekin said...

How terrible, but all I can say is that Thank goodness everyone is safe!!! What a close call. I know they will be ok, it must be hard though and my thoughts are with them.