Monday, December 13, 2010

Holiday Treats!

The cookie/candy madness has begun! Every year my mom makes everyone in the family, friends, neighbors, and others cookie and candy trays. She has done this for as long as I have been alive (I won't say how long that is!). As a child every year for my birthday we would decorate the tree. Then for my birthday party I would have my little friends over and we would decorate Christmas cookies. So of course, every year when it comes time to make cookies and candies I love participating. My mom can bake circles around me, and I think I make more of a mess then I do cookies.  This year we have decided that neither of us needs the extra sugar in the house, so we aren't keeping any of these goodies for ourselves. Interesting part is, I'm okay with that. I really just love the process more then the eating. I have really come to love how much enjoyment people get out of these trays when they receive them.

So, the past 4 days we have been busy working on cookies. And these are just the cookies. This isnt' the candy part. Mom also makes bon bons, fudge, turtles, peacon bars, and lots of other things I don't know the names for. It really is cookie and candy madness.

So I wanted to share some pictures of the process so far :)

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Kristen said...

Seriously I am so wanting to make cookies but not that many! I only make for us and maybe teachers. Hoping your Holiday is Spectacular!