Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve

We finished all the candy and cookie trays, and gave them all out to our friends and families. My fiance is in New York working so he is with his family, and I am here with my mom. The rest of our family is in Michigan enjoying a very white and cold Christmas. I miss them all so very much. Mom and I played some yatzee and watched a movie, then listened to Christmas music and  had a lovely dinner, followed by a ride around the neighborhood to see all the lights. We did a quick check to see where Santa was (just heading into Detroit Michigan according to NORAD), and now we are off to bed!

This year we agreed to no gifts, as there is nothing we decided that we needed that was worth going into debt for. I did get some beads for my mom for a bracelet she wants, but I didn't get it made, so it is more of a Promise of a gift, which I guess is okay :) I did however end up with wonderful gifts, even though we had agreed on no gifts :) I got a new matress from my mom which they delivered tonight so my most wonderful christmas gift will be a wonderful nights sleep! And my brother and his family got me a gift card for amazon which I am so super excited about. I read a great quote the other day that said a book is a gift that you get to open over and over again. I agree! I love books and have a huge wish list on Amazon so I'm very excited to go check out all the new beading books..Any suggestions???

I hope that all my blogging friends are having a warm and wonderful Christmas Eve surrounded by your loved ones.

Merry Christmas my friends!


Kristen said...

Right back atcha! I hope you had a good holiday and an even better nights sleep!

Amy Allworth said...

Merry Christmas!!! Look at all those yummy've been very busy!