Friday, December 10, 2010

Birthday Celebration

I had a very simple and lovely birthday celebration. Just my aunt, cousin, mom and me. My fiance called me several times through out the day.When I was young I wanted big parties. And as a child those usually included a sleep over. 10-15 screaming girls sleeping on the living room floor. I have no idea how my mother could stand it. Now, the older I get, the quieter I want things. For me the ultimate birthday celebration is..well...exactly what I had. A few of your favorite people enjoying a quiet evening together, and of course cake! Cake is the best! This year instead of one big cake, I got 3 mini cakes from the bakery. A carrot cake, chocolate mint (my favorite), and a strawberry shortcake. So we baked a bree, and had cheese, crackers, and cake. It was perfect! seriously perfect!


lilylovekin said...

Happy belated birthday, I love the idea of three little cakes. that way you get a taste of everything. See you soon with keys in hand! Lorrie

Pretty Things said...

Happy belated birthday! I love cake but no one every seems to make one -- probably because I wouldn't be able to stop at one piece and then I'd gripe "why did you make that when you know I'd eat it all" LOL!

Kristen said...

Happy belated Birthday! UMMM why wasn't I told earlier young lady? Hugs Hugs and more Hugs!