Saturday, June 9, 2012

Is it me? Or is this one of the worst online bead stores...

SO at this point I am not going to give a store name. Just need to vent a little here. Last month, May 8th. I decided to try out a online bead shop that I had never used before as they were offering free shipping with $25.00 purchase. I thought, okay...this is a good time to try them out.

Placed my order on the 8th.

Week and half later, called to check on it, and was told the items I ordered were on back order. Strange as they were in stock when i ordered, but okay.

Week later still no package. My account is charged for the order, and is over charged by around $15.00. SO I call to see what is going on. They tell me they have confused my order with someone else in the system with the same name, and THAT person was the one that had back ordered items.

So I speak with the owner, he appologizes and tells me to keep the extra items they sent, and they will refund the extra they charged me.

So, they refund me the overcharge.

Week later, STILL no package.

I call. They WROTE the wrong address and it came back to them. LOL. WOW.

So, after the owner tells me to keep the extras they sent, they open the package, take them out and send the package back out to me. HERE Is the problem. They ALSO took out MY items that I paid for.

So now, June 4th. I get the package missing items I paid for. I call. THeir message says they will be opened on June 5th, and then closed after that for the bead and button show. I call every hour on the hour June 5th. NO answer. I sent emails. NO answer.

It is now June 9th, and I still dont' have the items I paid for.

Am I crazy, or is this store just ridiculously poorly ran???? My nieces were running their own business at 13 and 15 and do a better job then this place.  Mixing me up with other customer, writing wrong address, taking back items the owner to keep, taking back items I paid for, not answering my emails or calling me back, over a month now and still not having my order? does this place stay in business?? Then they close up shop and go to the bead and button show, and don't even check their emails, or phone messages? WHat business just stops checking their phone messages for a week.

6-13-12 update: I heard back from them yesterday. I received a very heartfelt email of apology. So I'm going to give them a second chance. All of us have had those situations where things just spiral out of control, and everything that could possible go wrong does go wrong. I would hope if I screwed up so terrible that my customer would give me a chance to make up for it, so do on to others, and all that....


Cynthia said...

What a fiasco! Unacceptable! I would be on my head! NO, it's not just you...this is undeniably the WORST bead shop evah!!! I do hope you get satisfaction. I think if I had been put through all that, I'd have said the name out loud.

LissC said...

Thanks Cynthia! It helps to know I'm not the crazy one...I'm trying to be the bigger person by not giving their name, but it is getting harder and harder...June 11th and still no return call or return email.