Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Could this rollercoaster be slowing down??

Well, the past year has been quite a ride, but i think..yes...this ride is starting to slow down finally. Everytime I got one thing patched up, something else would break! My poor fiance came to visit for 3 weeks to celebrate my 40th birthday in December, and he is still here. LOL. He hasn't been able to go home yet. I'd love for him to never go back, but I know that he is sacrificing his own shows and art to stay with me and get me mended.  I have never known such a selfless person as he is. Dare I say.. he may be my earth angel?

I still have one little surgery, and then...i think i can take a break from illness and surgeries for a while. Crossing fingers.

Meanwhile...I have been sketching in my sketch book of ideas like crazy, and have so many ideas I want to try out. I have been struggling to keep up with the actual beading through all this, but the ideas are still coming through like crazy. I can't wait to actually get to make some of these pieces.

I have been working on a custom fish bracelet (shown in previous blog) and will post a picture of that when it is complete.

I have also been working on these little flowers..well...for actually about a year and half, and i finally did make a finished piece. I sent it in for a competition (Crossing fingers again!), so I am waiting to show that piece until I know what is happening with the compeition. I can however, show some elements of the piece.
Real flowers, and my beaded flowers mixed together.

my oldest niece Amanda and one of her dearest friends Devon visited last month, and were sweet enough to model some of my pieces.

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer. Be sure to check out the Love Bird tab on top of my blog. They are the newest addition to our back yard this summer, wild love birds.  I'm sure their inspiring colors will be showing up in my beadwork.

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