Monday, August 8, 2011

natures color pallete

I had a wonderful time with my niece! She was here just for 5 days, and they flew by! We spent most of the time making her crafts for her bedroom, including a valance for her curtain, 13 different picture frames with lots of glitz and fluff, a keepsake box, a box for her remotes and such, and a klenex box holder. I bought her beads for jewelry but didn't get a chance to make them so I have an iou for those for her. It was a ton of fun, and i somehow forgot to take pictures of any of it.

I did however get a few pictures at the zoo. I love all the wonderful color combinations that appear naturally. I get more inspired by being outdoors and finding great textures on trees, or color patterns on animals then anything else. So just wanted to share a few fantastic color schemes! Well, I think they are fantastic, but I tend to lean toward the bright colors and animal prints.

 I hope everyone is having a super creative week. I'm super excited about the bead soup blog swap, and cant' wait to get my partner!


Anonymous said...

Awesome photos!

Kristen said...

What a great time you had! I love your pictures