Friday, August 26, 2011

Hi Everyone, and HAPPY FRIDAY!!!

We have a dollar store right around the block, and its a bit of a game with my family to try and hit it at the right time to find those really amazing deals when they get the good name brand items in. This weeks great deal was flowers! They had beautiful bouquets of fresh cut flowers. So I spent two dollars and got these beautiful bouquets of day lily's that had 5-6 big (around 6 inches round) flowers per bouquets.  They hadn't opened yet, so I have gotten to watch them open up all week long. 


Then as if I wasn't spoiled enough, my mom surprised me with a huge (like 2 to 3 feet tall) bouquet of Gladiolus that she had gotten from Trader Joe's for $2! 

I just love flowers! I don't get them so often with my fiance in NY working, so this was a super surprise this week to get such beautiful flowers at a guilt free price :)

I finished up the gift (Citrine Necklace) for family friend Deb who was moving. I liked how it turned out so well I made up some extra little pillow beads for a future project.

I snapped some pics of my lil furry kids (jasmine and juliet) playing in the yard with a Cicada. The two of them don't normally play together but the noise that lil bug was making had them both trying to figure it out. Jasmine (the calico) is my snuggler. She insists on sleeping next to me all night. Juliet, on the other hand is an anti-snuggler; however she does insist on being near me when I bead. She loves to sleep in boxes, trays, what ever I happen to have on my beading desk so I put this basket on the table in an attempt to keep her off my beads.

It worked...for a while!

Then...after while she crawled behind my head and laid on the back of my chair. Crazy lil kitty stayed there for hours while I beaded. Every time I got up the chair would rock back and forth, she would just tighten her grip and hold on. 

She cracks me up!

I also finished up my bezel piece from Lorelei's Bezel Giveaway . But I can't share that until the revel date (tomorrow!)

And now I am off to work on my blog bead swap piece. 

I hope everyone has a FANTASTIC weekend! Thanks for stopping in :)

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Robbie said...

The necklace w/pillow beads is beautiful! I wasn't familiar with those types of beads and had to click on your picture to get up close and personal! Interesting beading! Very nice...adorable cats!