Sunday, May 1, 2011

My mom just got home from Michigan. She took a few pictures of the inside of my brothers house, and some of my niece's first communion. Her camera wasn't working great so the pictures are a little blurry, but I'll share them anyways :)

My niece looks so cute, like a lil bride! I wish I could have been there. She is the 1st one. 

So they got into their rental house. I guess it had all been set up for them, beds delivered, and set up and such. So they all are in bed, and at midnight...all three of the kids alarm clocks went off. Needless to say, three terrified and traumatized children! Obviously thinking it was fire alarms going off.  Poor babes! 

(the inside of the house, you can see lilly's closet up in the corner with her clothes still in it...weird)
Regarding the recent news. At first I was very excited, which is out of character for me as I am, or was up until tonight, always a pacifist. I kinda feel bad for feeling happy about him being dead. I mean, if anyone deserves to be dead it is him!! And when it happened I was hooting and hollering and crying happy tears and celebrating! Now that it's sunk in... I'm a little disturbed by my excitement at anyone, good or bad's, death. And I am happy he is dead. I'm  just not really thrilled with any part of me that wants revenge like that.  Anyways. I will be in crash position until my fiance is safely on the ground next week, and in my arms. He flies out of New York next week, and I have to admit I am a little nervous about the retaliation that will follow this.


Anonymous said...

Your niece looks adorable! I'm so glad they are in a home again. I do feel badly for the children, I'm sure they will be terrified for a long time, even without an alarm clock going off.

And I'm glad that you posted what you did about Bin Laden's death. I feel the same way. Happy, but conflicted that everyone (me included) were happy that someone was dead. It is disturbing and a sign of the times I think.

Carol said...

Your neice is beautiful. I always love the ceremony of 1st Communion.

I didn't have your reaction to Bin Laden's death. I wasn't happy at all, I didn't feel sad either. My reaction was kind of matter of fact. One bit of evil or negative energy as I choose to call it has left this earth. But his death will probably spur extremist to use it as an excuse. He's gone and someone else will step up to take over.
Be well, be happy.

Robbie said...

Was your niece at the same 1st Communion as my grandson???? Interesting!! Your niece does look so cute!! But then they are at that age, aren't they!

lilylovekin said...

I think your reaction is normal, considering all the emotional upset that you've been going through these past couple weeks. I'm glad you will get to spend some time with Chris that is always a good thing. Hang in there.

Abracadebra Designs said...

Your neice looks so lovely. I'm glad they had that happy occasion amidst the tragedy. Regarding the news, I had just about the same reaction as you. Although it is good that there is one less evil person in the world. Hopefully there will be no retaliation and of course Hubby will be safe.