Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Magic Number is 55

Today I have 13 followers on my blog. i got excited when I got my very first follower (shout out to Kristin - Thanks for being my first :) and I get excited every time I sign on and see that number has increased. It's funny how we feed on that validation. "they do love me they do!!!" LOL. It is exciting though to make a new friend. So I was trying to figure out a number. At first I thought. 20, then thought no that was too low. Then thought double it. Well 26 is an odd number.. So then I get a little zealous and the song I can't drive 55 goes through my head, perfect a song worm working it's way into my head. That will be in there all day.  So 55, well that may be pushing a little high, but okay shoot for the stars right. 

Once I get to 55 followers I will do a drawing and give away to one of my 55 friends this cute lil peyote stitched bracelet.  It's one of the first I made and I love wearing it with jeans and a t-shirt, and I am going to share it with one random winner.

So perfect! Once I have my followers I will make a posting of those who want to participate int he drawing for the bracelet. I'm hoping for the end of July. Do you think that is pushing it??? We will see. Shoot for the stars right. Build it and they will come and all that jazz.

Okay..I have already added two more since I typed this up this morning. So I'm already up to 15! YEAH!


Kristen said...

Followers do give you a boost don't they! I have 17 and am greatful for every single one(you are so included in that!) I think the bracelet is so cute and 55 isn't aiming too high you should have that in no time!

Robbie said...

Bracelet is adorable! Can't remember how I eve found your blog but I'm a follower and look forward to your posts! Good luck on the 55!!

Pretty Things said...

I'll follow you! And you're right, followers do validate you, like it or not (or it does me!)

Lynn said...

I agree - that little 'zing' when you see someone else out there actually cares about what you have to say is exciting! Count me in sister!