Saturday, June 12, 2010

Beads Galore!

I went shopping today at Beads Galore for their 40% sale. For anyone not local that isn't familiar you can find them at There is a picture of their store on their home page.  The place is insanely huge. So much so that I have to mentally prepare myself before I go in. Make a mental list, and stick to it. The first time I went I wasn't prepared and came out with a huge bill and a lot of stuff I hadn't intended on buying. As fun as it is to buy and have beads, none of us can afford to do that. So if you do go to the store, and I recommend you do, go with a list in mind. I went with my color palette and seed beads in mind, and for the most part I got just that. I only got two or three things that weren't on my  list, and well, they were little bird beads which I don't believe any beader could resist :)

So here are all my fun super colorful beads I found. I am so excited to start using them I can't hardly stand it. I always feel like such a kid in a candy store when I go to a bead store. And of course all afternoon and evening I can't help but to keep going back to the basket that is temporarily holding my loot, and going through all the beads again. Individually picking up each bag time and time again. Okay, I confess. I'm a bead addict.


julie Haymaker thompson said...

Oh and don't I know Beads Galore Rocks !!! Hey sweets your are a gift to the animal world sent down here as the special guardian angel !!! Boo says" thanks for helping me find the rainbow bridge. I am having fun now with my Pappa Mark!!! I missed him soo Much!!"

Cyndi L said...

I'm coming with you next time!!