Friday, October 19, 2012

while i was away...

Hi everyone!! Yep, I'm still here :) Life has been ..well... like life gets. So sorry for the absence. I did want to stop in and say HELLO! Missed everyone so much! And to let you know what I've been up to.

Other then just getting by day to day with life's little obstacles...I have also been creating. Not jewelry this time... I've taken my beading into a little different direction. Some place I never dreamed of going, but am so very glad I have.

I have ventured into doll repaints. What is a doll repaint? That's what I asked too the first time I heard it. Essentially you take a doll, strip her down to her base, remove her factory makeup, and if you would like.. remove her factory hair, eyes, what ever you want. And then you begin to recreate her.

That is what I did here. I took a liv doll. Removed her make up, removed her eyes, her hair. And replaced her eyes with new ones, changed out her hair and curled and styled a new do for her. Gave her honey bee wings, and an outfit completely created by hand.

And it was so so much fun! I've always had a love for fairies, so it really was so much fun to create my very own!  I'm excited to create more and will be sure to share them as I do!

Again, so sorry for the absence and do hope to get to spend more time here as things settle down.

Much Love!


Amy said...

Doll repaints?! Yes, that's what I said, but then I said, WOW! She is gorgeous!!!!

Robbie said...

She is beautiful...but who knew! We learn something new each day don't we! Now it's "doll repaints".