Saturday, November 19, 2011

It's all just a point of view...

Sooo... last month I had a virus and had to take my computer in. I was without it for a week. I thought that was a lifetime without my computer, amazing how much we use it on a daily basis. Sooo.. this week.. I was walking with my lap top open, and didn't see my big ol black lab puppy dog laying on the floor I flew over the dog, my computer flew across the room....and didn't end well for my laptop, nor my completely black and blue and swollen knees. Soo, once again I am without a laptop, for at least 3 weeks they tell me well they send it out and determine if it is salvageable. 

the next day a faucet that wouldn't drain, turned into a busted pipe in the wall, which turned into a pipe that had been leaking, and is resulting in mold and rot throughout my entire bathroom and livingroom walls. So a saint of a friend has been here all weekend tearing out the walls in the bathroom, and basically creating a whole new bathroom, and also the walls in the living room as it rotted on both sides of the connecting wall, because on Monday we are moving my aunt in, who has been in a nursing home/rehab and is struggling to recover from a back surgery, and isn't able to walk. 

The third day I went to the dentist  and found out I'm in need to basically have all my teeth pulled  because the medications I have to take, have destroyed me teeth. 

So I laughed, cried, threw up my hands and said..really what else?

Well, as I already know, and everyone knows, you never ever ever ask that question. 

It wasn't long after that when we got a call that my cousin, 35 years old, had passed away. I hadn't seen my cousin in years. He was a tortured soul. But it has been just devastating for the whole family, his sisters, my uncle.  

Sometimes when you think things are so bad, life just puts it into perspective for you.  

If you made it to this point.. thanks for hearing me vent. Been a tough week :)


Carol said...

I can sympathize!! Our lives are kind of parellel.

October 5, 2010 I had all my teeth pulled.

We have that leaking pipe problem and the bathroom floor is buckling. Don't know about mold yet, I expect it is there.

I am always tripping over the dog who is glued to me since his friends passed on just months apart.

It DOES get better.
Happy Thanksgiving.
PS, you better let someone else lift the bird from the oven ~lol~

Robbie said...

Well, hopefully all the 'bad' is behind you...and you can look forward to getting back to normal!! Stuff does happen but sounds like you've had your share! Good luck!

Abracadebra Designs said...

Hey Liss, Boy you sure have had your share of bad luck lately. I am hoping that things will only get better and better for you. Keep your chin up and Happy Thanksgiving.